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    Industrial Automation and IT Solutions

    Learn how we're supporting companies just like yours

    Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

    Hygienic design is just the beginning.

    Solutions for the Retail and Logistics Industry

    Let us help you track the route toward ultimate efficiency.

    Solutions for the Automotive Industry

    We're ready to help you address challenges on the road ahead.


    Press Release

    Company News

    Rittal and Stulz Announce Partnership to Increase Sustainability, Efficiency, and Asset Availability for Edge Applications

    Rittal and Stulz announced the launch of a worldwide partnership that will focus on joint product development for data center infrastructure, consulting, support, and services. Customers will benefit from one-stop IT infrastructure solutions and from an...

    Press Release

    Innovation in automation

    Wire Processing 10x Faster with Rittal’s New Wire Terminal WT C

    The WT C machine enables wires to be processed from bulk with individual wire printing (black, white, and light blue) and then ready for assembly.

    Press Release

    Rittal continues to expand!

    Rittal Opens Its Newest Location in Atlanta, GA – Showcasing the Latest in Industrial Automation and IT Technology Solutions

    Rittal North America announces the grand opening of its Southeast Regional Sales office and showroom at The Galleria Office Park in Atlanta, GA.

    Press Release

    Product News

    Rittal Announces New Hygienic Design Pushbutton Enclosures

    Five sizes are available in the hygienic design (HD) pushbutton enclosure line including one-, two-, three-, four-, and six-hole enclosure options that fit standard 22.5 mm pushbuttons and switches.

    We're all about solutions

    Informative podcast series and on-demand webinars

    New Podcast Series

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    In this podcast series, you'll hear from four different Rittal subject matter experts about how material handlers can scale their industrial automation and IT systems efficiently and effectively.

    On-demand webinars and in-person events

    Whenever you're ready, we have content you'll be interested in!

    Our in-person event schedule for 2022 is now available, and our on-demand webinars cover a wide variety of topics across the Industrial and IT spectrum.

    Benefit from a unique, unparalleled system platform for industry and IT.

    Our software

    Software solutions from Rittal and Eplan include expert support at every phase, from engineering, to procurement, through to manufacturing and operation.

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    CAD Model Download Tool

    Download over 70 unique CAD model types from our active parts list.

    Document Center

    Download helpful product brochures, case studies, and white papers.


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